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Dobcross 20MPH and signs update

by Garth Harkness on 2 December, 2019

In short 20MPH speed restrictions are being considered and funding identified but we may need to keep pushing for signs. I tried to get a 20 plenty across the borough previously. Positive action by the community is  moving us forward.

At the Oldham Council meeting on Wednesday 6th November 2019 Councillor Garth Harkness has asked for safety measures in Dobcross and for the council to back a 20MPH limit. This is following recent damage in Dobcross due to HGV vehicles and a campaign by local residents

Liberal Democrats want Dobcross to be one of the first places to benefit from campaigns for 20mph zones in local centres. Councillor Garth Harkness presented a motion to the March 2019 council meeting about tackling speeding.  As a result, a working group is considering proposals. This followed the Liberal Democrats’ previous attempts for a borough wide 20mph speed limit on residential roads being rejected.

Meanwhile, Dobcross residents have raised a petition, aimed at 20mph limits and signs to keep damaging lorries out, and the press has lent excellent support.

Now, Garth has followed it up with a question to the November council meeting, backing local residents and calling for a 20 mph zone in Dobcross to be trialled and then hopefully rolled out further.  Carrying on from his proposals for action to tackle the HGV issues in Saddleworth, he has now called for better signage Garth said, “With all this momentum, I am optimistic of success.”

The response from the cabinet member is as follows:

The current situation is as follows:

 Lorry Watch should only be carried out in areas that have Environmental weight restrictions in place; however, these are relatively expensive to introduce due to the need to illuminate signs around a cordon and are difficult to resource and enforce by the Police as schemes must be able to both accommodate legitimate delivery access but deter all other HGV’s. 

 Initial consideration in Dobcross suggests that safely positioning and siting of the required signs may be an issue due to some of the routes not having footways or footways being of substandard width.

 Lorry watch isn’t currently in progress in Delph as some signing issues need rectifying at a cost currently being identified by Traffic Officers.

 Regarding the introduction of a 20mph Speeds limit strategy for villages in the Saddleworth area. This is something that is currently being considered by traffic engineers and a request for funding from a future year’s Capital Programme is being pursued.

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