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Gritting in isolated Saddleworth areas being looked at again

by Garth Harkness on 11 January, 2020

Residents in some of Saddleworth’s most isolated areas have had difficulties with the closure of Thurston Clough Road for repairs.  Oldham council decided to suspend gritting on these highly exposed roads because it would take them too long.

Liberal Democrat councillor for Saddleworth North, Garth Harkness urged Councillor Ateeque Ur-Rehman, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services to reconsider

Councillor Garth Harkness said

“Thurston Clough Road is closed and will be for quite some time. This is of some inconvenience to residents on the outskirts of Delph and Scouthead.  It is with regret that the council have chosen to suspend gritting around this area due to the closure of the road. It is also disappointing that this has been done without consultation with local councillors. Will the cabinet look again at supporting these residents and reinstating the gritting in the area so that they do not become isolated”

Councillor Ateeque Ur-Rehman agreed to look again at this, involve local councillors and see if the gritting routes can be reinstated

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