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by Garth Harkness on 23 March, 2020

Coronavirus: Bins, rubbish and recycling

Bin collections

The Coronavirus has had an impact on our waste and recycling service which means we are currently unable to carry out all bin collections.

Our staff will attempt to carry out as many collections as possible with priority given to general rubbish and food collections.

Please follow this advice:

  • Do not place any garden waste out for collection. Please use green bins and caddies for food waste only.
  • Place all bins out for collection as normal. Should we not collect your bin on its scheduled collection day please take it back onto your property and put it out again on your next collection day.
  • Until further notice only contact us to report a missed collections of your general rubbish (grey bin) and food waste (green bin/caddy).
  • New bin deliveries – please be aware that we are prioritising general rubbish and food & garden bins for delivery. There is a delay on all other waste containers.
  • Protect your bin crews – If your household has a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus you are to place all used tissues and cleaning cloths in a plastic rubbish bag and tie it tightly when full. After 72 hours the bag should be then placed in a second bag and tied tightly before being placed in your general rubbish bin. 
  • Unfortunately, we can’t collect any additional waste placed out by the side of your waste containers on collection day. This is due to current capacity issues. If you have additional waste, please store it at home or ask a neighbour if they have space in their bin or take to Arkwright Street Recycling Centre.
  • Bulky Bob collections will take place as normal from households where bulky items can be/are placed outside for collection. Importantly – jobs which have been booked with a collection from inside a property will be cancelled (with a full refund given) unless residents can place the items outside.

If you have any additional waste you can dispose of it at Arkwright Street Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Ordering new bins

Please note, due to staff shortages caused by coronavirus we are currently unable to process requests for blue (paper and card) and brown (glass, cans, tins and plastic bottles) recycling bins.

To order a green (food and garden waste) bin please phone the Contact Centre on 0161 770 6644 who will process your request.

For information about ordering grey bins please see Why do you need a new grey bin?

Swapping, repairing or replacing recycling bins, boxes and bags

The Coronavirus has had an impact on our waste and recycling service which means that whilst we will endeavour to the best of our abilities to fulfil these requests, we are currently unable to provide a timescale for when these orders will be fulfilled.

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