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Housing Development in Diggle statement from Cllrs Garth Harkness and Pam Byrne

by Garth Harkness on 10 August, 2020

As Ward Councillors for Saddleworth North we attended a meeting with the company who wish to consider an application for housing in Diggle. This was also attended by a number of parish councillors.  It is not uncommon for a developer to provide initial information before a planning application to elected members before submission of an application. This is a private development and land is owned privately and not by Oldham Council. The land has been designated for industrial use for a number of years.  

The land in question is either side of the access road in front of where the new Saddleworth School will be. Currently no planning application has been submitted.

Following the meeting the developers agreed to consult with residents before they submit a planning application. Further details should emerge from them soon. Following a planning application there will be the formal consultation period.

As Ward councillors, we are concerned that there was a lack of understanding from the developer about Diggle and that a wider consultation period before an application is submitted should take place. The current climate makes obtaining views more difficult and therefore every step needs to be taken to ensure that any consultation is as inclusive as possible. We have written to the Head of Planning at Oldham council to express our concerns and put pressure on the developer

If following this an application is submitted to Oldham council there will be a consultation period where residents views can again be submitted. The application will be heard by Saddleworth Parish council first and then Oldham Council planning committee.

One of us sits on the Saddleworth Parish council planning committee (Cllr Pam Byrne) and one of us on the Oldham council planning committee (Cllr Garth Harkness). We want considerable consultation and in the event of a planning application please let us know your views​.​

Councillor Garth Harkness (Liberal Democrats, Saddleworth North) Councillor Pam Byrne (Conservatives, Saddleworth North)​

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