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Greater Manchester Combined Authority Decommission R4GM Bin App.

by Garth Harkness on 28 October, 2020

“What’s my bin day? ” issues on website have been reported and are being investigated

Councillor Dave Murphy Shadow Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Culture was disappointed to learn that the bin app introduced in 2018 has been discontinued.

The R4GM bin app for mobile phones contained information such as Where’s my nearest..? When’s my bin collected? What do I do with..? What can I recycle at home? And a Contact Us

At a Council meeting in July 2016 Cllr Murphy brought a motion asking for a local bin app for Oldham which was almost unanimously supported across the Chamber.

Cllr Murphy said “I have used the app myself many times which can help sign post you from what to put in the right bin and what goes where I was really pleased when I learned that the then Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority introduced an app a year or so later”  Saddleworth North Councillor Garth Harkness added “I have also used the app and found it really helpful and the feed back I have had from local residents when I have directed them to it has been positive. When we are looking to reduce the amount of waste going the landfill the app can only be a could think it was quick and easy and information was a the touch of a finger”

Response from Oldham Council Waste Officers

“GMCA did decommission the app earlier in the year.

We have been in discussion with them since though as they are currently trying to understand the requirements from each of the nine districts in terms of the app. As well as understanding cost implications and the effectiveness of the app etc.

So currently it’s with them for them to analyse and make a decision about. They haven’t given any timelines for this”

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