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Disabled parking bays and Universal credit

by Garth Harkness on 24 March, 2021

I asked questions on disabled parking bays and Universal credit/no child should go hungry

Disabled parking bays

Information recently received from officers by my colleague, Councillor Sykes, has revealed that no new money has been found to provide much-needed disabled parking bays for the last three years and that work to progress the applications made for such bays has been placed on hold as there is no money to carry out any work even when approved.

To get about some disabled people in this borough are reliant upon being able to access a vehicle adapted for their use at a space that is near to their home. If they own the vehicle, they also need to park it there.

Three years is an awful long time to wait. Many of these applicants have been completely trapped at home throughout the COVID-19 Lockdown and tragically it is likely some applicants may die or be no longer able to drive by the time their applications are approved.

Can the Cabinet Member please tell me when this Administration will finally allocate more money from the budget to process and action these applications so that these needy people can finally be able to leave home and get about?

No Child goes Hungry

Now that the Chancellor has decreed in his recent budget that the £20 weekly uplift in Universal Credit payments will only be extended until the end of September, what will the leaders of the ten GMCA authorities be doing to continue to put pressure on government ministers to change their minds and make the uplift permanent? And will that include seeking the support of those Conservative MPs who now represent Greater Manchester constituencies?

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