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Liberal Democrats back call for No Moor BBQ

by Garth Harkness on 27 April, 2021

As yet another wildfire ravages Marsden Moor, Saddleworth North Liberal Democrat Councillor Garth Harkness is backing the No Moor BBQs campaign of the British Mountaineering Council for a complete ban on disposable barbecues, and wants to see more action and powers to tackle the arsonists who deliberately or inadvertently set fire to precious moorland.

Councillor Harkness is standing for election again next month and intends to take this issue up as a priority if returned to office.

“We have all seen the devastation caused by idiots who start fires deliberately or irresponsibly use and leave disposable barbecues,” councillor Harkness said.  “Too much of our precious and beautiful moorland has over the years already been lost to this madness and along with it sadly much of our wildlife.”

It is estimated that since 2007 over 77km2 of moorland in the Peak District alone has been destroyed as a result of wildfires, many of which were caused through disposable BBQs. 

Councillor Harkness added:  “The government needs to outlaw portable barbeques and allow the Courts to impose a heavy fine upon those who are prosecuted.  The current penalties are simply not enough.  That is why I am backing the British Mountaineering Council campaign for No Moor BBQs

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