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Our villages, our future

by Garth Harkness on 5 May, 2021

Popular, hard-working councillor Garth Harkness is gathering more and more support for the local elections on May 6 th .

It has been obvious to local people for years that Labour favours their own
areas and squanders a fortune on vanity projects. They have relentlessly
stripped Saddleworth of local money and decision-making. Our school came
The Conservatives have no credibility and are dropping out of the race after
refusing even to vote on road safety and health centre. The Lib Dems love
litter picks too but it’s not what a councillor is for.
Here’s where they stand on the big issues for Saddleworth’s future. It’s your
choice – Use your vote wisely!

Five reasons to back Garth on 6 May

1 Protect our
green spaces

2. New health centre

3. Safe roads –
tackle speeding

4. Repair roads and

5. A green and clean

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