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About me

Garth Harkness Councillor for Saddleworth North Ward and Parlimentary Candidate for Oldham West and Royton
Any ward issues or casework can be sent through this website or by emailing ( You can catch me on Twitter @garthharkness or Facebook @cllrgarthharkness too


Garth Harkness Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Oldham West and Royton for General Election 2019

Garth is an Autism Specialist Teacher who runs a Resource Provision for students with Autism so that they can access mainstream secondary education. Prior to becoming a SEND Specialist in Education he was a Maths Teacher.

He is growing increasingly concerned with the cuts to education funding since 2015 and this is having a huge impact on supporting the most vulnerable in schools. He thinks the cuts need to be reversed and further investment is needed to support those from disadvantaged backgrounds in schools.

Garth has been a Councillor on Oldham Council since 2012 and is currently Shadow Cabinet member for Education and Skills.

A referendum took place in 2016 but the realities of BREXIT are becoming clearer. There will not be the £350 million a week extra for our NHS. Instead we stand to see shortages of drugs and shortages of staff in hospitals. The 2016 referendum was built upon lies and this is reflected in the fact that the electoral commission would call the result null and void.

Garth does not want years of uncertainty, a weaker economy and more years of cuts to education health and local government. Places like Oldham are the ones who suffer. He does not want Oldham to lose support from the European Social Fund. It has taken years already not to get an agreement on how to leave Europe. It will take many more years to actually agree trade agreements with Europe and the rest of the world. 

Garth believes we are neglected by Westminster already in Oldham. The problem lies in Westminster and not in Europe.

Garth believes we should put more money into the NHS and social care by increasing income tax by 1p. He feels that mental health services should no longer be a second class service and early interventions should be the norm.