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20MPH speed limit OK for one but not the other

by Garth Harkness on 28 August, 2020

An 18 month order to limit speeds of cars in Uppermill will be coming into force. The Order is to be made to facilitate social distancing

Councillor Garth Harkness, Liberal Democrat, Saddleworth North has welcomed the decision but is also perplexed

He Said “I have been campaigning for a long time with regards to 20MPH speed limits, backing the 20 plenty campaign. The council failed to support my motion for 20MPH on residential roads across the borough. After the HGV incidents in Dobcross residents and I have been pushing for Dobcross to become a 20MPH zone.

Despite this happening in other parts of the country there has always been an excuse not to do it. It seems that we can introduce the measures for social distancing but not for road safety.

I call on the council to again introduce 20MPH speed restrictions in Dobcross and other Saddleworth villages.

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