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Injured mountain rescuer is stark reminder to not take risks

by Garth Harkness on 15 February, 2021

A mountain rescuer in the Lake District has suffered life changing injuries
while trying to help a camper breaching Covid rules. This is a clear
reminder to people to stay safe in Saddleworth, and not take any risks
going out – it is not only your own lives that you are putting in danger.

Local Liberal Democrat Councillor Garth Harkness said: “Sadly I can remember all
too many accidents that have happened across the years. Oldham Mountain Rescue
Team are a wonderful voluntary service – we must make sure that those volunteers
are not forced into dangerous situations unnecessarily.”
The incident in the Lake District happened when a member of the public with a pre-
existing condition was ill with chest pains. It was described by the team leader as
“truly avoidable”.
Councillor Sam Al-Hamdani added: “There have been so many warnings to people
not to travel. While in this case it was someone with a pre-existing conditions, Covid
can hit anyone. We need to be careful going out on the moors at the best of times,
but please, think about your safety and think about the safety of others, now more
than ever.”

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