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Garth Harkness -Liberal Democrat candidate 6th May- Saddleworth North

by Garth Harkness on 2 May, 2021

I live in Dobcross and care deeply for our unique villages. I have served as a Saddleworth councillor for 9 years.  I am committed to defend its interests because Saddleworth has to fight for a fair share of resources.

My achievements include getting 20mph limits – fought for since 2014, defending green spaces,   a longstanding campaign for a Saddleworth health centre identifying both land and building funding, a multi-award-winning defibrillator campaign, fighting for the new secondary school, highway improvements, 356 bus, restoring 350 direct route,  fight for local decision-making , many proposals to council including food for poorest children, hundreds of potholes and blocked drains fixed. .

For nine years I have been seeking people’s views all year round. I’ve stood up for Saddleworth for the priorities you tell preserve and enhance our unique villages

I hope this is a record you will support me to carry on to do more.

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